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Calluses, those thickened areas of skin, form naturally in response to repeated friction or pressure. Typically found on the hands or feet, calluses develop as a protective response to continuous rubbing or irritation. They create a hardened barrier that shields against potential damage and minimizes discomfort. This natural process allows the skin to adapt and safeguard itself, ensuring long-lasting protection and comfort.

FAQs about calluses:

1. Are calluses harmful?

Calluses are generally harmless and do not require medical treatment. They are the body's way of protecting the skin from excessive friction or pressure.

2. How can I prevent calluses?

Wearing well-fitted shoes and using protective equipment, such as gloves, can help prevent the formation of calluses. Regularly moisturizing the skin can also keep it soft and prevent dryness that may contribute to callus formation.

3. Can calluses be treated?

Mild calluses can often be managed by regularly moisturizing the skin and gently exfoliating the affected area. In some cases, a podiatrist or dermatologist may recommend custom orthotics or other interventions to alleviate symptoms associated with calluses.

Remember, if you have concerns or if a callus becomes painful, it is always a good idea to consult a healthcare professional for appropriate advice and guidance.

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